Frequently Asked Questions

For people who aren’t familiar with auctions
Seller’s Premium – The percentage of the Hammer Price that the Seller pays to the Auction house generally this is being split with the partner charity.
Buyer’s Premium – 15% Fee the buyer pays to the Auction House in addition to the hammer price. (i.e. Bidder wins item for $40, will be charged $40 + $6 (15%) + tax. The $6 in this example is the Buyer’s Premium.
Reserve – The minimum amount the item may be sold for, as set by the Consignor. This number may only be known to the auctioneer and the consignor. If the bidding does not meet or exceed the Reserve, the item will not be sold. CCA prefers to limit and discourage Reserve Auctions.
No Reserve – Generally bidding starts at $5. May be sold for less, at auctioneer’s discretion, but any bid at or above the opening amount set by the auctioneer will win this item.
Absentee Bidder – A bidder who has personally seen the item in the Auction House may leave a high bid for the item and the auctioneer or a volunteer may serve as this bidder’s proxy during the auction, competing with the bidders in the room, up to the Absentee Bidder’s maximum bid.
Choice – A lot (group of items that may be similar, exactly the same, or part of one collection) may sell by “choice”. The High Bidder of a Choice auction lot will get her choice of any number of the items, or a single item, and will be charged the high bid amount (plus applicable premiums and taxes) per item chosen. Any remaining items will then be reauctioned, and the next high bidder gets his choice of one or more items at his high bid. This is repeated until no items remain or the remaining items are sold “For One Money.” (i.e. 10 crystal candlesticks are auctioned for “Choice”. The first High bidder’s winning bid is $25. She chooses 4 candlesticks and will pay $100 and premiums and taxes. The auction repeats with the remaining 6 candlesticks. This time, the high bidder bids $20 and selects 3. He will pay $60 and premiums and taxes. 3 candlesticks remain, the auctioneer announces they are being sold “For one money”. The high bidder bids $40, and will receive the remaining 3 candlesticks for $40 plus premium and tax. During a “Choice” auction, the 2nd place bidder may be given an opportunity by the auctioneer to buy a number of the items for the high bidder’s winning bid, if he chooses.)
Is there a catalog?
The on-line or printed catalog is just a courtesy to bidders and any pictures, descriptions or statements are meant to be helpful descriptors, and may be inaccurate or incorrect. Please preview items you’re interested in bidding on.
Items may be withdrawn from sale at any time for any reason by auctioneer.
Who owns the items being auctioned
Consignors or the partner charity (if it is a donation) own the items until the moment the winning bid and bidder are announced, then that bidder owns the item and is expected to pay for it.
What is the auctioneer saying?
What is being auctioned
Opening or current bid (“I have twenty Dollars”)
What next bid amount is being sought (“Who will give me Twenty-five dollars? Who will bid twenty-five dollars? Would you bid twenty-five dollars? Going once for twenty-five dollars….”)
How much the item sold for (“Sold for twenty dollars…”)
to whom item was sold, if it sold. (“…to bidder number 123”)
How does the partner charity make money
CCA and the charity split the Seller’s premium
Consignors may donate the proceeds of the sales of their items to the charity.
Bidders may contribute additional money directly to the charity in a lump sum or “round up” for the charity (ie total purchases, premiums and taxes are $127.36, the buyer may choose to donate $0.64, $2.64, $22.64 or $72.64 to the charity, and pay $127.36, $128.00, $130.00, $150.00 or $200.00 at check out).
The Charity may have an opportunity to sell drinks and snacks at the auction, and they keep all of the proceeds.
what does the partner charity commit to?
The Partner Charity will work with CCA to solicit auction items from the charity’s supporters, contacts and their friends and families.
The Partner Charity will market the auction, with help and suggestions from CCA
The Partner Charity will provide volunteer helpers during the scheduled drop-off periods, preview and auction.
What kinds of items do you sell? Please see our incomplete, but ever-growing list of suggested items (LINK)
Who decides how the items will be grouped or broken down into smaller groups for the auction? The auctioneer will use his discretion to try to get the realize the greatest price for the owner and arrange the lots.
What don’t you sell?
Firearms, sexually explicit material (especially considering the partner schools and religious organizations who may be working with CCA), fireworks, any item we know is: broken; non-functioning; not what it purports to be; counterfeit; nazi or racist memorabilia. We will not accept items that we believe will not achieve a sale price in excess of $5, and may reject items we believe would not sell for in excess of $20. Unless it is a signed sports jersey, CCA generally will not accept clothing for sale. Because space is limited and we are not a furniture auction, CCA generally will not sell any piece of furniture larger than a small chair, stool or nightstand. Please email a picture or description or call us before you bring large or questionable items and we will try to provide guidance before you are inconvenienced. We try not to reject items for sale, but must limit the number and size of the items we are able to auction.
Can I bid online? no. Please come out, have fun and enjoy a genuine, traditional live auction.
Can volunteers bid? yes, please.
Can Consignors bid on their own goods? no
What if there is a dispute about who won? The auctioneer will do his best to see and acknowledge all of the bids for an item, and will try to realize the highest bid available in the auction room for each item. If there is a dispute about whose paddle was up first on a winning bid or who the winning bidder was for an item, the auctioneer’s decision is final.
How much does it cost or do I have to deposit in cash or on my credit card to get paddle (bidder number)? There is no cost to get a bidder number or to bid. Until you win.
What if I can’t stay? If you have personally previewed the item at CCA, you may leave a credit card number and an absentee bid, and the auctioneer or an auction worker will act as your proxy and bid for you in the increments set by the auction against auction attendees and/or other absentee bidders, up to your maximum bid, if necessary. If you win the item, your credit card will be charged at the end of the auction and you are expected to pick up your item(s) the next day, or as arranged between you and CCA.
Open to public to buy and sell? Yes. No charge to come in or bid. You only pay for the items you win.
Do I have to take my item(s) home the same day? We expect you to, but if the item needs special care or a different vehicle, you may make arrangements with CCA to pick it up within a day of the auction.
Do you deliver or ship? No, but we can recommend delivery companies and UPS and FedEx are nearby.
Will I understand the auctioneer? Yes. Consignment auctions are by their nature friendly to people who may have never attended a live auction before. We are not livestock, tobacco or car auctioneers and we want you to enjoy the live auction experience and bid when you’re comfortable.
How much do things sell for?
As much as the people in the room that evening believe the item is worth.
Warranty / guaranty? No. As-is, where-is. please preview
Children? well-behaved welcome, but cannot bid if under 18
additional fee for credit card? no
What if my item doesn’t sell? Must pick up by ___, or arrange to hold or re-auction. Then CCA owns and may sell, donate, dispose
Sell knock-offs? Not knowingly. If CCA believes the article is not genuine, we will not sell it. There are excellent fakes in the market, and CCA is not responsible if we unknowingly sell an article that is not genuine. Please preview the items and only bid on what you want. Everything is as-is, where-is.
Can I eat at CCA during the auction? Yes. We have some great choices for you right here in Oak Mill Plaza:
Minelli’s Deli, Subway, Jewel, Chinese fast-food…please be careful and respectful.
When and how do I pay
Money due after winning bid entered, but may wait until after all items of interest are sold. Cashier needs about 15 minutes after last winning bid to enter all of your bids, and will total your purchases, calculate your premium and apply taxes, providing you with your total due and payable at that time.

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